Monday, 9 February 2015

Day 13 - Ilha Grande

My blog posts have been lacking a little these past few days. The reason being that whilst in Paraty we had nothing planned but a little bit of exploring but mostly sunbathing. As we only had one full day of sun, it meant that other than the trips I have documented, we spent most of the time relaxing, reading, drinking and eating... And it was lovely! Today we got our transfer to catch the boat to Ilha Grande. This small island is quite popular with tourists and after the 5 hour journey we were able to see why. Lots of boats are bobbing in the small bay which is lined with pousadas - guesthouses -, bars and kiosks selling boat trips and hiring kayaks. There's a really nice relaxed feeling here with a steady flow of tourists mingling amongst the locals. Although it is a popular destination, it definitely still has an island-y remote feel to it; summed up by the fact there are no banks or cash machines here nor are there any westernised plug sockets - thankfully we came preparedness We are staying at Che Logarto which is situated right on the coast; one of 106 beaches on this small island in the Rio de Janeiro province. We can only hope the weather improves to really maximise our stay here!