Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day 27 - Itacare

On Wednesday we arrived in Itacare, a small town in on the east coast after a nine hour bus journey from Porto Seguro. Our hostel was located in the middle of a buzzing street where boutiques and souvenir shops sit beside restaurants and clubs. The main pull of Itacare for us was the beaches so for the next two days we spent time exploring the area and the many praias on offer. We made some friends at the hostel so our evenings mainly comprised of dancing and alcohol! On our last night we visited a capoeira club and saw men, women and children of all ages showing a variety of skills to loud music played by a local band. After the Capoeira, we joined in the salsa classes - needless to say, the Brazilians are much better at it than I was but thankfully my dance partners were patient and didnt mind their toes being stepped on too much!