Sunday, 1 February 2015

Day 6 - Thoughts en route to Paraty

Moving on to Paraty today we caught a coach to take us on the five hour journey south. A benefit of this long and tireseome way of travelling is that we could get a taste of what the real Brasil is like. It is clear to see that the economic boom that cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, to name a few, are having hasn't yet reached the rural and suburban areas of this vast country. Towns are still made up on favela-esque homemade shacks with no real structure. It's a little sad to see that these beautiful places are being side stepped by mainstream tourism and at the same time, missing out on the vital money that comes with it. This trip, although only in its early days, is opening my eyes to how the rest of the world live, away from my comfortable home and life in the UK. I am slowly becoming ever more grateful for the opportunities I have and am also realising just how blessed I am. 

Driving through rural Brazil brings with it comparisons of home. Matters which would cause outcry and uproar are quite insignificant to what life is like here. Road conditions for example would see complaint after complaint to local councils after a bout of bad weather creating pot holes. A fair enough argument for those shelling out to have their cars fixed. However when compared to the infrastructure conditions in rural areas here, that argument pales into insignificance. Road sections are not properly joined up so every 10 meters or so the minibus is thrown around. Not only this but some parts of major roads have crumbling tarmac and uneven surfaces and you can forget road signs or markings! In short, our journey can only be likened to that on a rollercoaster and I can only be grateful I don't suffer from car sickness! I can't complain too much though as the beautiful scenery is mountainous and a lush green colour with small shanty towns dotted around. Residents here probably don't feel it but they are lucky to have the rainforest on their doorsteps. Thinking forward, we should be in Paraty within the next couple of hours which promises paradise. 
Until next time and as the Portuguese say... Tchau!