Friday, 20 February 2015

Day 22 - Trancoso

Our journey to Trancoso today took us back on the route we made on our original travels from Europolis back through Fazenda (plantations/estates) territory and Vale Verde which as the name suggests is a vast valley of lush green trees topped with blooming flowers, neighbouring the grazing cows; the reason for the ranches being here feeding the nations meat tastes. The Bahia state is quite consistently green with lots of eco trails and conservation areas protecting wildlife and the forestry. The 40km journey seems to consist mainly of sharp downhills and steep inclines which is interesting in a rickety old bus but we made it and headed straight for the praia where restaurants spilled onto the sand, Brazilian football was played at its best and children rode up and down on horses - slightly more exotic than England's seaside donkeys!
 After a couple of hours soaking up the sun we strolled to the Quadrado, a vast open space lined with stalls selling homemade musical instruments, bracelets and general tourist gifts. 
Further along, the area becomes more sophisticated with beautiful restaurants showcasing their expensive menus, all with a bohemian theme which adds to the atmosphere. We tasted some local gelato which was the perfect both in taste and to cool us down. We paid the R$6.50 and returned to the hostel to prepare ourselves for the Uiki Beach Club carnival party