Monday, 16 February 2015

Day 21 - Porto Seguro

OToday we set off for Porto Seguro. This is Arraial d'Ajudas big sister, the name meaning safe city following its history as one of the first settlements. After a short bus trip from Arraial d'Ajuda to Balsa, through neighbourhoods full of grand casas with high gated walls and fancy-looking beach clubs, we arrived at the ferry port. Porto Seguro is located across a sea inlet which has made into a peninsular of sorts. The ferry was crammed with people in high spirits and cars blaring Brazilian funk music as everyone is continuing the carnival party. 
Once on land and a quick taxi ride later we arrived at the Rodoviario to book our bus ticket to Itacare on Wednesday (our forward planning is the result of two very organised travellers!). After this, we walked to the historic centre which although a little run down is beautiful with its brightly coloured church houses and colonial museum buildings. We're not entirely sure as to why this part is particularly historical due to the language barrier but our Lonely Planet guide assures us that ALOT happened here! None-the-less we wandering amongst the other tourists and the selfie stick made an appearance. Later on, we followed the coast back in the direction of the ferry port and came across the Carnival preparations taking place on a street whose translation means 'street of alcohol'! We will be visiting the celebrations there 
on Tuesday night

Interesting fact: the world Carnival comes from the Latin carne or farewell to meat because carnival time is the period just before Lent when Catholics have traditionally fasted.